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Does Shopping for Shoes Put Your Feet at Risk?

 Podiatrists warn about the potential for contracting athlete's foot when trying on new shoes.

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Globo TV

Dr. Brenner doing an interview for Globo TV

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World News with Diane Sawyer

High Heels Equal High Pain
Women feel pain on average one hour, six minutes and 48 seconds afterwearing heels.

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Critical Mention

Dr. Brenner Goes Shoe Shopping on Dr. Oz.

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Dr. Hillary Brenner, DPM's Videos

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Dr Oz: Stinky Feet: Sterishoe & Epsom Salts

Dr Oz said the number three biggest body complaint is smelly feet. When your feet sweat, your shoes and socks get moist, which creates bacteria that excrete waste with a horrible odor. Dr. Hillary Brenner suggest rotating your shoes so that you give them a chance to dry, wear cotton socks and try Antibacterial Gel (she specifically said to avoid the lotion). You can also have a Stinky Feet Chemical Peel done for around $40. Other options? Dr Oz said that you can dry out your feet by soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom Salts for 15 minutes a day for several days, and then for preventive care, do Epsom Salt foot baths 2-3 times a week. The last product is perhaps the one that was most intriguing to me. There is a product called the Sterishoe which kills bacterias and viruses in your shoe (it is like a germicidal for shoes!) and you just put the device in your shoe for 45 minutes.

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Dr. Brenner on Dr. Oz:

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Joining The Balancing Act is Hillary Brenner, DPM

There is nothing normal about foot pain, and all too often it is ignored.

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FM NEWS 101.9 New York

Dr. Hillary Brenner talks about Common Foot Problems on FM News 101.9 New York.


Hilary Brenner, podóloga habla de una nueva técnica de belleza en los pies.

Hilary Brenner, podóloga habla de 'Stilleto Surgery', una nueva técnica de belleza en los pies. 

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