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 Did Winter Eff Up Your Feet?

Here's How To Fix 'Em There's no tiptoeing around the fact that feet aren't exactly the most appealing part of the body. Sure, we can conceal 'em with socks in the colder months.    

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Globo TV

Dr. Brenner doing an interview for Globo TV

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Sole Survivors

Four-inch stilettos are hot. Wobbling, grimacing, and going home because you cannot bear one more minute is not. We talked to podiatrist Hillary Brenner (who owns heels) about how to wear heels without misery.

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Winterize Your Feet

Sure, the winter is a beautiful magical season. But for your feet, it can be rough. Dr. Brenner's Rx Hydration cream softens and restores moisture to dry, cracked and calloused feet and can be used as a body cream to help keep your skin feeling soft and supple all year long. To purchase, visit or call (212) 227-9655.

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Foot Health 101: Learn How to Treat 

 Ingrown toenails: These can be inherited (the so-called "pincer nail" that curves inward), or they can be caused by tight shoes or pantyhose, but it's most often due to cutting too deeply into the corners of nails, says Hillary Brenner, a New York podiatrist who also speaks for the APMA. As a result, skin grows over the nail, leaving you vulnerable to a bacterial infection that can become very dangerous should the bacteria reach the bloodstream. You'll know it's a bacterial infection by signs of redness, heat and swelling. Also, it smells bad. (Gross-out alert) Bacteria actually eat your sweat and excrete fumes, Brenner says. If you notice any red streaking from the infection site, she advises seeing a podiatrist immediately.

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Put Your Best Feet Forward

At this age [20's], your feet are pretty forgiving. But, if the heels you're slipping into are open-toe, you need SPF. And since feet at any age can have especially dry skin, adopt this twice-weekly routine, says N.Y.C. podiatric surgeon Hillary Brenner. Before bed, soak feet in warm water and Epsom salts. Rub a pumice over rough spots, then smooth on a moisturizer with exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acid. Cotton socks will lock in moisture.

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Beauty Issues No One Talks About- But Should

The one thing you need to know about ingrown toenails? They hurt — a lot. They happen when the corners of your toenails grows into the soft skin adjacent to the nail, which leads to irritation, redness, swelling, pus, and infection. According to podiatrist Dr. Hillary Brenner, there are a wide variety of things that can cause this, including too-narrow shoes, cutting your nails too short or cutting into the corners, dropping something on your toe, running, bad posture, or just your genes. 

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Hillary Brenner, DPM: Physician, Surgeon, and Media Maven

Hillary Brenner, DPM, isn't afraid to talk about the issues major media outlets want to discuss-flip flops, high heels, and women's shoes. She recognizes that establishing relationships with members of the media through these lighter topics can lead to significant media coverage for podiatric medicine in the context of more serious topics such as heel pain, neuromas, and surgery.

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Gnarly Feet? Why Summer Might Be To Blame

Sweat. Street gook. Fungus. Summertime is not always good times when it comes to your feet. It can all add up to some major foot health issues, not to mention making your peds unsightly when all you want to do is show them off. Here, we tapped a few foot pros to help give us the inside track of what all that fun in the sun is doing to our feet. Read on to get the scoop, and learn how to keep your hardest working extremity in tip-top shape.

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Wonder Product

Podiatrist Dr. Hillary Brenner has launched a new product we're obsessed with!

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Dr Oz: Top 5 Shoes That Look & Feel Great

Looking for hot shoes? On today's show, Doctor Oz put Celebrity Stylist, Robert Verdi and Podiatrist, Hillary Brenner together to find the top 5 shoes to help your feet look and feel great! While Robert went for the fashion, Hillary searched for the arches and the stability of the shoe. They finally came up with the 5 perfect shoes.

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Full-Time Flats vs. Get-Ahead Office Heels

The dilemma: You've finally found a pair of cute yet podiatrist-approved comfortable shoes, but they don't really go with your power outfits. Is it better to have happy feet or versatile ones?

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The Worst Shoes for Summer

What's not to love about spring and summer? Warm weather, lots of sun, bare feet, and… foot fungus? Depending on the kind of shoes you wear, you could find yourself with a nasty, soil-borne fungal infection that could leave your feet in an unappealing—and painful—state.


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How to Fix Your Foot Problems

Your feet are two tough tootsies. They spend their days shoved into stilettos, pounding pavements, and supporting your weight while you bounce around on the treadmill or take a Zumba class. It's no wonder that one out of six people in this country complain of foot problems.

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13 Cute Shoes That Are Good for Your Feet

With these podiatrist-approved pairs, you’ll never have to choose between style and comfort again

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