Dr. Brenner on Dr. Oz: Critical Mention

Dr. Brenner Goes Shoe Shopping on Dr. Oz.

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Dr. Brenner on Dr. Oz:



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How to properly wear (and recover from) high-heeled shoes

Want to avoid “shoeacide” when wearing high heels? Dr. Hillary Brenner shares smart tips to keep your feet healthy (and pain-free) when wearing sky-high footwear

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World News with Diane Sawyer

High Heels Equal High Pain
Women feel pain on average one hour, six minutes and 48 seconds afterwearing heels.

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Globo TV

Dr. Brenner doing an interview for Globo TV

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Fox: More Than a Pain in the Foot?

Foot pain can mean a lot more than the usual aches.

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Joining The Balancing Act is Hillary Brenner, DPM

There is nothing normal about foot pain, and all too often it is ignored.

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Dr. Hillary Brenner, DPM's Videos

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Does Shopping for Shoes Put Your Feet at Risk?

 Podiatrists warn about the potential for contracting athlete's foot when trying on new shoes.

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FM NEWS 101.9 New York

Dr. Hillary Brenner talks about Common Foot Problems on FM News 101.9 New York.

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Hilary Brenner, podóloga habla de una nueva técnica de belleza en los pies.

Hilary Brenner, podóloga habla de 'Stilleto Surgery', una nueva técnica de belleza en los pies. 

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The Best High Heels For Your Feet

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10 Mistakes Parents Make When Shopping For Kids’ Shoes

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The Scary Reason High Heels Should Be Worn In Moderation (And Hacks to Prevent Damage)

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Next Artists "The Lounge" Magazine 4th Edition 

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…to wear the wrong size shoe?

Be sure to pick up HGTV magazine and read my advice on wearing the proper shoe size

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The Best Sandals for Your Feet, According to Podiatrists

Score a pair of doctor-approved kicks to keep your feet healthy all season long. 

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How to Safely Remove Ingrown Toenails—and Prevent Them from Coming Back

Ah, ingrown toenails—possibly the most painful (and unsightly) consequence of our love-affair with stilettos. How exactly do we get rid these disgusting little ...

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Heels may look good, but they carry lots of risks.

The Cannes Film Festival suffered a serious foot-in-the-mouth moment when it came to light that some women were not allowed to step onto the red carpet because they were wearing — wait for it — rhinestone-encrusted flats.

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5 Pain-Relieving Gadgets That May Actually Work

The tinier, shinier, more sophisticated version of the Lumo Back, which monitors posture with a sensor worn on a belt, the Lumo Lift tracks posture with a sensor clipped on your chest with a pair of magnets. You hunch, it hums.

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Dr Oz: Top 5 Shoes That Look & Feel Great

Looking for hot shoes? On today's show, Doctor Oz put Celebrity Stylist, Robert Verdi and Podiatrist, Hillary Brenner together to find the top 5 shoes to help your feet look and feel great!

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Dr Oz: Stinky Feet: Sterishoe & Epsom Salts

Dr Oz said the number three biggest body complaint is smelly feet. When your feet sweat, your shoes and socks get moist, which creates bacteria...

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Miss J Alexander from America's Next Top Model

Miss J Alexander is excited about Doctor Brenner's Rx foot care products.

Tom Schwartz of Vanderpump Rules

Tom Schwartz understands the importance of proper foot care

Carole Radziwill from The Real Housewives of New York City

With Carole Radziwill at Next Artist Beauty Suite Lounge. She is proudly holding her bag full of Doctor Brenner's Rx Foot Care products.

The Lounge Issue #2

NEXT Artists Beauty Lounge Journal Edition #2 Spring / Summer Fashion Week 2015. Article on Page 27

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Did Winter Eff Up Your Feet?

Here's How To Fix 'Em There's no tiptoeing around the fact that feet aren't exactly the most appealing part of the body.

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Sole Survivors

Four-inch stilettos are hot. Wobbling, grimacing, and going home because you cannot bear one more minute is not.

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Winterize Your Feet

Dr. Brenner's Rx Hydration cream softens and restores moisture to dry, cracked and calloused feet and can be used as a body cream to help keep your skin feeling...

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Foot Health 101: Learn How to Treat 

Ingrown toenails: These can be inherited (the so-called "pincer nail" that curves inward), or they can be caused by tight shoes or pantyhose, but it's most often due to cutting too deeply into the corners of nails...

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Put Your Best Feet Forward

At this age [20's], your feet are pretty forgiving. But, if the heels you're slipping into are open-toe, you need SPF. And since feet at any age can have especially dry skin...

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Beauty Issues No One Talks About- But Should

The one thing you need to know about ingrown toenails? They hurt — a lot. They happen when the corners of your toenails grows into the soft skin...

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Hillary Brenner, DPM: Physician, Surgeon, and Media Maven

Hillary Brenner, DPM, isn't afraid to talk about the issues major media outlets want to discuss-flip flops, high heels, and women's shoes.

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Gnarly Feet? Why Summer Might Be To Blame

Sweat. Street gook. Fungus. Summertime is not always good times when it comes to your feet. It can all add up to some major foot health issues...

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Wonder Product

Podiatrist Dr. Hillary Brenner has launched a new product we're obsessed with!

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Full-Time Flats vs. Get-Ahead Office Heels

The dilemma: You've finally found a pair of cute yet podiatrist-approved comfortable shoes, but they don't really go with your power outfits.

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The Worst Shoes for Summer

What's not to love about spring and summer? Warm weather, lots of sun, bare feet, and… foot fungus?

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Recent Activity of Dr. Hillary Brenner.

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How to keep your feet healthy this summer

Protect your feet from blisters, cracked heels, sunburn and more. Here’s how to keep feet pretty, soft and smelling nice

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The Problem With Birkenstocks

Is that they're making your feet too lazy for the next time you want to wear heels.

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Fashion Snoops

Dr. Hillary Brenner is a podiatric surgeon practicing in New York City. She is board certified and an authority on foot health issues, which is why her products are a must in your foot care regime!

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High Heel Health 101 - The Coveteur

How to lessen the pain that comes with forcing your feet into your favorite six-inch Louboutins

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Dr. Brenner's Chemical Peel was Featured in BSJ!

NYC podiatrist Dr. Hillary Brenner shares her secrets on getting your summer weary feet back in shape for fall.

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How Much Do High Heels Hurt?It’s not just stilettos and very high heels—pumps of all height can cause foot pain, heel pain, and seriously compromise your foot health. How high is too high?

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Jamie Otis from Married at First Site
Jamie Otis's favorite product is Dr. Brenner's Rx moisturizing booties!